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GreenComm is on the forefront of the natural gas revolution. The increased discovery of natural gas and its historically low cost due to the decoupling of gas from the oil sector has significantly changed the economics of utilizing natural gas for electric power, industrial uses, and synthetic fuels.

It is the mission of GreenComm to focus on projects that provide benefits of positive environmental and social impact. In addition to cleaner fuel resources, our team has developed a system that mitigates storage issues and increases operational efficiencies.

GreenComm Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Nebiyu (Neb) Getachew, applies corporate leadership to bring together a strategic international network of government leaders and innovators whose primary focus is a combined strategy of current efficient use and gradual reduction of reliance on fossil fuels and growth of renewables.


  • Development & Management
  • Infrastructure
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Financial -Innovative Funding Strategies
  • Technology Implementation
  • Security & Threat Assessment


GreenComm takes a great pride in the ability to develop and enhance existing transportation infrastructures for consumer use and exportation on a regional, national and international scale. In addition to generating economic growth, it is vital that provisions allow the use of cleaner fuel, resulting in efficiencies for finances and improving the environment.

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Renewable Energies

Reducing the carbon footprint isn’t only important for our planet, it is a responsibility. GreenComm’s vast contribution to renewable energy has increased accessibility and efficiency, supplying twice as much energy with fewer carbon monoxide emissions. Our team has designed and developed Wind Farms, Solar Farms and Renewable Energy Parks throughout the world. GreenComm is dedicated to finding solutions that make it attainable to for businesses across the globe to acquire renewable energy, empowering corporations to control costs, mitigate risk and increase operational efficiencies. 


GreenComm exists to achieve tremendous economic growth, sustainability and prosperity, driving global economic development, efficient productivity and overall excellence. We preserve integrity and credibility as we provide a path for the future. 


According to a 2017 study conducted by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), 795 million people still suffer from hunger and more than two billion from micro-nutrient deficiencies. The report also stated that the global food security could be in jeopardy due to mounting pressures on natural resources to climate change. The current rate of progress will not be enough to eradicate hunger by 2030 and not even by 2050. At GreenComm, our team is passionate about creating an environment of agriculture / agribusiness in the way of crop science for self sustainment and exportation for both urban and rural communities. In the face of aforesaid challenges, agricultural practices can become more resilient with the aid of technology and innovation.

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for sustainability and economic growth focused on valuable sectors such as the ecosystem, renewable energy, digital economy and security, agriculture and manufacturing.