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Congratulations GreenComm Technologies and Hyundai Engineering!

We are excited to wrap up 2020 by formalizing our partnership with Hyundai Engineering and the Government of Ethiopia to study the feasibilty to build the first Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) facility in the country.  If viable, this project will be a center for job creation and economic development not only during the construction phase but also for production of locally sourced fuel in the future.  The Ethiopian GTL facility will provide sustainable fuel for the country to power commercial, industrial, and personal use modes of transportation, as well as, agricultural equipment, manufacturing, and general power requirements for all of the citizens of Ethiopia.

This important project will develop critical infrastructure and energy systems that will fuel Ethiopia’s economy for decades to come. GreenComm and Hyundai Engineering are proud to play a role in helping the Government of Ethiopia harness the power of the country’s natural resources.

2021 will be an important year for the Ethiopian GTL facility.  Here are some recent milestones and a look ahead to the new year.

  • In December of this year, we were honored to take part in a signing ceremony with Hyundai Engineering and to officially kick off this project.


  • Following the ceremony, Hyundai Engineering began working with our team at GreenComm to set up site and topographic surveys and feasibility studies.


“Congratulations to the team for all the hard work and dedication.  We are honored to partner with Hyundai Engineering on this important project.  Thanks to the Government of Ethiopia for helping bring the project to fruition.”

— Neb Getachew, Chief Executive Officer, GreenComm Technologies


“Once again, we are pleased to successfully complete the contract signing and have the valuable opportunity to construct the first GTL Refinery Plant in Ethiopia with GreenComm Technology LLC.”

 — Jae-Kuk Lee,  General Manager, Hyundai Engineering