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Gas To Liquid Technology

GreenComm Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Nebiyu (Neb) Getachew, applies corporate leadership to bring together a strategic international network of government leaders and innovators whose primary focus is a combined strategy of current efficient use and gradual reduction of reliance on fossil fuels and growth of renewables.


Ethiopia Energy City

Historical GTL (Gas To Liquid) Refinery

GreenComm Technologies is a forward-thinking U.S. based energy company that for years has advocated for a shift within the oil & gas sector. We understood the impact natural gas discoveries globally would have on the international marketplace.  With vast reserves of natural gas remaining untapped and untouched in one of the world’s most ancient kingdoms, Ethiopia, GreenComm International — in partnership with Hyundai Engineering — will utilize the most effective techniques to build a 37,000 barrels per day GTL Refinery within the Ogaden Region of Ethiopia. The plant will produce synthetic clean burning fuels, additives, and lubricants. GTL fuel production is a major step toward meeting worldwide objectives toward renewable fuel standards. Synthetic fuel will revolutionize the fuel industry and benefit Major Airlines, Military, Ground Fleets, and Marine Vessels. Synthetic Fuel is a renewable and sustainable solution to meet global initiatives.


GreenComm collectively has an extensive background within the financial services industry and leverages strategic partners within Top Tier Financial institutions globally.  GreenComm provides innovative funding strategies ranging from Prefeed and Feasibility studies to comprehensive funding within developing countries.  An established funding package is a prerequisite to achieving success.